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• 11/27/2017

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• 2/18/2014

Survivor rescue ship

Can be dispatched in the water during a battle by the attacker. Any attacker troops left alive after a 100% destruction are shipped back to the attackers village. Cost 1,000,000 elixor. Town hall 7, troop capacity 25, can be upgraded. Cost to dispatch 10,000 elixor, more with upgrades. Will save the attacker elixor and time in training new troops and reward them for 100% destructions with remaining troops.
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• 2/18/2014

Life Force Collector

Collects 10% of the amount of elixor that your attacker spent on the troops they used in their attack against you. So if they spent 100,000 elixor on troops. The life force collector would get 10,000. There could also be a storage limit, like the other collectors. The %age and storage limit can be expanded with upgrades. This concept would make it less annoying to be attacked because you get something back. It also awards players with good enough defense to make the attack use more troops. Suggested specs: level 5 town hall, cost 500,000 elixor, space 3x3. Each upgrade gives you 10% more of the attackers elixor and doubles the storage limit.
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• 12/24/2013

dark barracks level6

the next dark barracks should be bull.
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• 9/19/2013

What is this and when was it made?

What is this and when was it made?
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• 9/4/2013


Because this wiki is fairly new I will allow the creation of templates. To make a template make a page that says Template:name of page so say I make a page named Template:Sig (I have already) I would write {{Sig}} and get all the content from that page onto this thread. Result:
Ssfang   Message Wall  Blog  Contribs   

Because that is all the content on the Template:Sig page.

That's your lesson on templates I will make another thread when its time to stop making templates! HAPPY EDITING
Ssfang   Message Wall  Blog  Contribs   
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• 9/2/2013

Update on the wiki!

Now look in the past with update pages!

Wiki navigation now leads to more ideas!

We will have up to 4 staff (currently two positions are filled)
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• 9/2/2013


Today supercell released information about the 

Also the repley sharing will get a big upgrade.
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• 9/2/2013


We now have two staff Ssfang and Pokemaster360
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