Stats Edit

Health : 5,550 (Takes about 5 or 6 lvl 5 wall breakers to destroy) then on lvl 2 they will have twice the health of a lvl 11 wall.

There will be 10 archers On the walls Protecting them , the moment tits destroyed the archers will get out and attack.


3m Gold ( lvl 1 )

7.5m Gold (lvl2)

300k gold for repair 

Build time : 2 Days 

Length : 5x2 


The City Gates will allow your troops to get free (Well they're free but the rebuilding costs 300k) archers stationed in the walls ( if wall is destroyed archer your lvl  come out and attacks enemy , not useful if attacking with wall breakers XD ) 


The City Gates are my idea ( Darklegend 21 ) 

Admins or Mods can you add a picture to the comments or here please ( Thanks if you do ) 

The city walls will be targeted by wall breakers and other troops that target defenses.