Preffered Target Attack Type Housing Space

Trainig Time

Movement Speed Attack Speed Dark Barracks Level Requred Range
None 2.5 Square Radius Splash Damage (ground only) 20 30min 20 1,2s 6 1,5squares

Level Damage Per Second Damage Per Attack Hitpoints Training Cost Research Cost Laboratory Level Required Research Time
1 250 300 350 350de N/A N/A N/A
2 270 324 375 450de 50,000 de 7 10days
3 325 390 400 550de 70,000de 8 15days

Dark Knight is a barbarian with armour of dark elixir. He have a shield in hes left hand with the clan symbol and a mallet with a ball in hes right hand. On hes legs he have dark metall (from dark elixir) bads and on the chest a armour from dark metall rings. On hes hed he have a helmet and outside the armour a cape. On level 3 the dark knights get spikes on hes ball.


When a dark knight is under a rage spell he will get dubbel the bonus then all others. For example: one barbarian is under a level 3 rage spell he gets 150% more damage but the dark knight gets 300% more damage per second.

Clan castle:Edit

he`s good in CC with valkyries because the valkyries have 1 spalsh damage radius, 750-1000 HP and 60-80 DMG/s. Because the dark knight can atttack in the air, longer radios and higher DMG/s are they the perfe CC team.

(you must have lvl2 CC to have a dark knight in the CC and lvl4 CC for a dark knight and a valkyrie.)

Attack stragedy:Edit

-take the CC troops down with a dark knight or a valkyrie

-VERY VERY VERY good with rage spells.

-good tacktik to use a few dark knights, 1-3 healers and 1-2 golems as a tank

-place a long way from the cannons and archer tower.
  • dark knight as lvl 2
  • dark knight lvl 3