New Gem troop idea!

About themEdit

New Gem troops facts: 

-they have even more power, speed, and much more!

-very costy

-new super abilites when released

-only can have one gem troop at a time

Abilites and detalilsEdit

They have 5X more speed, power, hit points, and other things. The cons about them are that you have to use gems to train them. Here i will list their abilities and details.

Barbarian Ability: Summons two giants swords and sweeps them across the enitre base, damaging buildings and clan troops.

Archer Ability: Sprays out 20 mini archers in a circle.

Goblin Ablility: A giant goblin bag  destroys all mines and collecters and also does damge to storages (but doesn't destroy them).

Giant Ability: Two crushing fist rumble out of the ground and smashed two random defenses, and destroys them.

Wall Breaker Ability: Destroys all walls defending undestroyed buildings by summoning several bombs.

Balloon Ability: Bombs fall from the sky, hurting all ground defeses and dealing splash damge.

Wizard Ability: Huge Beams of lighining drop out and you control them by your touch.

Healer Ability: Rays of healing beams surround the base for 15 seconds, healing the troops.

Dragon Ability: Fire spreads out and collects onto Inferno Towers, X-Bows, Wizards Towers, and Archer Towers, destorying them.

P.E.K.K.A Ability: Huge hammering swords from the PEKKA smash down in a staright line, crushing ALL in the sword's path.

  • You need 500 gems for the upgrade to gem troops. Each time you train a gem troop, it costs you 15 gems.
    • You must have a level 8 lab.

                                         Dark Barrack Abilities Coming Soon!