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It could look something like this!

The resource collector can be a collector that converts into whatever you would like it to collect. So, if you need more Dark Elixir, you can choose this collecter to collect only Dark Elixir. Or, you could have it mine all three, or a combo of them at a time.

Possible CombosEdit

  • There will be 7 possible combos:
  • Elixir Only
  • Gold Only
  • Dark Elixir Only
  • Elixir, Gold, and Dark Elixir
  • Gold, and Elixir
  • Gold, and Dark Elixir
  • Elixir, and Dark Elixir

Basic Resources per hour StatsEdit

Starting stats for a level one Resource Collector would look something like this, 

  • Dark Elixir Only, 20 per hour.
  • Gold Only, 800 per hour.
  • Elixir Only, 800 per hour.

It could possibly be unlocked at Town Hall 5, however the ability to collect Dark elixir might only appear at Town Hall Level 8.